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 A graduate with honors from the European Art Academy in Warsaw in 2010, the Painting Department run by Professor Antoni Fałat together with the extra specialization in drawing with Professor Barbara Szubińska. She achieved MA degree with Izabela Galicka, PhD, as a degree advisor. She was also studying under the direction of Professor Franciszek Starowieyski and Professor Wiktor Zin.
 She has already organized several individual exhibitions and  tens of joint exhibitions in Poland and abroad (for example in Berlin and Lisbon in 2014). She has taken part in many international Art Fairs in Poland and Europe   (Wilno, Lipsk), in charity auctions (The Great Gala of Polish Business Leaders, Forbes Great Ball) art auctions (Ostoja Auction House, Rempex Auction House). Her paintings are in private collections in Poland and abroad, in Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, The United States China and many others. Her paintings are presented in the building of the Ministry of Sport and Recreation in Poland.
The winner of the scholarship from The Ministry of Education in Poland and the scholarship from the city of Warsaw.
In August she won the three weeks staying at the international plein air painting in Drezno ( Palais Sommer). The painting of hers achieved the second highest price out of all Polish painters at the Charity Auction for The Maestro Foundation ( Forbes Great Ball 2013).
The art curator, the co-founder of the Youth Art at Warsaw Department of the Polish Association of Artists. She was among the organizers of many artistic events, such as Art Fresh Festival, The Art Fair which has taken place every year in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw since 2010.
In years 2012-2014 she was co-working and creating in a team with Aga Pietrzykowska (L&ACURATORS, Fall in love with Art). They together organized some projects and exhibitions, among them FALL IN LOVE WITH ART (Fort Skolnicki Art Center , Warsaw , February-April 2013) and KONTRAPUNKT (The Youth Art, The Elector Gallery, Warsaw, May – June 2013).
She works with Art Gallery and Tadeo-Art Gallery.
She also takes part in a project to present a chosen artist in every issue of Kwartalnik Nauki o Przedsiębiorstwie, which is the Polish journal writing about the newest economy trends.
Between 2011 and 2012 she painted 44 portraits of famous people (among them Aleksandra Kurzak, Mariusz Czerkawski, Teresa Lipowska, Fiolka Najdenowicz) which were used for the TV program The Art of Life (by Mariola Bojarska Ferenc), (3 seasons, 44 episodes).
She was an author of the illustrations for the book by Artur Cieślar “Metamusical Woman “(2014) (twelve portraits – Grażyna Auguścik, Ania Dąbrowska, Urszula Dudziak, Katarzyna Groniec Krystyna Janda , Grażyna Łobaszewska, Katarzyna Nosowska, Sława Przybylska, Jadwiga Rappe, Maria Szabłowska, Magda Umer I Elżbieta Zapendowska)
Working with a photographer Arcadius Mauritz on the project MOTH Diaries/ NEW EDITORIAL. Drawing.
Laura La Wasilewska is and author of the project presenting Lucian Freud
(1922-2001), one of the greatest artists, now an icon of the modern painting, who has found his place in the art history. Her presentation of his paintings is a unique presentation in the whole world. The project has the title LUCIAN FREUD IN PROGRESS, as every year a new picture based on the photographs is created (8 so far presenting different stages of  his life).
Wasilewska is awarded and appreciated not only by critics and the art community but also by media. She is often shown on different TV Channels,  in magazines and internet sites. She is invited to TV and radio programs, she is reviewing artistic publications, is telling about art and the art market.
ex. Art & Biznes (internet site), Kwartalnik Artysta i Sztuka , internet site Good Polish School NYC, Foundation Art Humanitatis, journal Trendy Art of Living, journal Clam Magazine, journal Czas na Wnętrze, journal Imperium Kobiet, radio Radio ZET Gold, cultural program Qadrans Qltury, prestigous internet site fineLIFE, Magazyn, Galeria Sztuki Dostępnej Limited Edition, Magazyn Purpose, Babski Londyn , Hedonist Magazine, portal Czytaj, nie pytaj, DomiMagazine, Lounge Magazyn, Gość Poranka, 'Wilnoteka' TVP Polonia, Radio RAMPA NY, Kwartalnik Nauk o Przedsiębiorstwie, Creative Poland, Dzień dobry TVN, Radio WNET, Poland – Art, Niezła sztuka, Gallery STORE, Kurier Warszawski TVP Info, Artystyczne strony, MISTRZYNIE ŻYCIA, Eliza Chojnacka blog
“Aren't you afraid that your painting is not modern enough, that it is too alternative.. You do not follow the colours, shapes.. which are  characteristic for the mainstream. “

I have no doubts and worries. Some years ago my family was warning me against the lack of interest, and some part of the artistic surrounding was observing me with disbelief whether anybody could be interested in my art, let alone buying my paintings. Today my works are in private collections of famous people in Poland ( portraits of the members of family of Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc, Jan Hartman, Magda Umer, 44 portraits of people know from the political life, the cultural icons which were presented in The Art of Life by Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc) and abroad (  Belgium, Finland, the USA, Japan, Great Britain, France,Shanghai). I specialize in painting and drawing. These are the areas in which I can express myself, in which I can express my internal imperative in art. Commercial does not mean worse. The artist himself decides about the final result of the artistic work. My art is easily recognized in all geographical widths- “ expressive realism” - my own term, which was often used in interviews and articles. I keep on developing my artistic workshop and I am searching for inspirations not to fall into mannerism. My creation is my inside , my personality. It might be inspired, but not influenced by other people, phenomena, currents and manners. Fashion changes , but painting is constant, and will exist independent from the outer conditions.
When I ma talking to different people I am emphasizing – White canvas, card absorbs all questions, ideas , fills doubts, so, when we stand in front of it we have to be sure what we want to present. Otherwise we will be manipulated by it until we take a brush and start painting.
The interview excerpt for the prestigious journal  CZYTAJ, NIE PYTAJ ( January 2015 ). Laura La Wasilewska was interviewed by Magdalena Kocój.