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Paulina Korbaczynska was born in Wroclaw in 1981.
For several years the artist has been engaged in oil painting, mainly portraits and nudes. She also designs and sews “Blue Bears”.

1. 'Paintings on the floor to stop hand shaking,  23.10.2011 – Mleczarnia in Wroclaw  
2. 'I can smile, if you like' - 15.04.2012 -  Club FORMATY in Wroclaw  
3. I see a frown on your face when I imitate a smile, 30.06.2012 – Club Pod Kolumnami
4. 'Sitting inside my head' - 23.20.13 - Cafe Rozrusznik  
5. 'piggybank with curses' - 01/24/14 - Nowa Cafe  

1. Paulina Korbaczyńska, Lenka Kubica, Anna Jur, Robert Romanowicz - 5-13.04.2014 – Kino Nowe Horyzonty
2. Anka Mierzejewska, Paulina Korbaczyńska, Ania Jur - 25/06/2014 – Mleczarnia in Wroclaw
Paulina's Korbaczynska works are stylistically very similar to each other: a frontal way to show the character, reduced number of colors, lack of modeling, 
cool tones and abandonment of anatomical details (which allow to recognize the portrayed person). This styling, repeated for several 
years - like the mantra - is an interesting way to illustrate our the ability to 'see' the other person.
Her portraits and nudes have been shown in several exhibitions and her “Blue Beers” are in private collections in Poland and Europe.
 She loves Modigliani, Hopper and Nowosielski and always listens to music while painting, especially to David Gray, Ray Lamontagne and Citizen Cope.