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I was born in Belarus. Now I live and work between Poland (Warsaw) and Ukraine. I graduated from the Collegium of Art in Belarus in Minsk in 1980.
My works are always very sensual, many of them 'touch' the body, but the naked body itself is not only erotic here, but it also shows the intimacy of the soul and its psychology.
My works are about the external and internal, about the ambivalence of the world and about the world of the superficial and the world of the soul and these different worlds I try to knock together in my works through the openness of the body and its merge with the environment. A person here can become visually part of an object, wall, furniture or clothes and only his soul will be clearly delineated through the layers of the painting.
I have about 50 joint exhibitions and sixs personal exhibitions.
Member of the Artists Union of Ukraine.