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PhD  Magdalena Pastuszak
Born on 03.12.1973  in Warsaw,
Member of the International Print Triennial Society in Cracow.
Member of the International Print ZPAP (Polish Association of Artists) in Warsaw.
Main fields of activities and educational-artist experience: graphic design, illustrative graphics, publishing industry graphics, digital graphics.
Professional and scientific history
From March 2009, assistant professor, lecturer in the Department of Art of New Media - Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies, graphic design, alternative design, publishing industry graphics.
From 2006, assistant of Professor Roman Banaszewski in the Department of Art of New Media - Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technologies, publishing industry graphics (book illustrations).
2004 - 2009 a designer of covers in the PZWL publishing house in Warsaw.
2000 - 2008 art director in advertising agencies (foreign and national)
2009 Doctoral candidate at UMCS, Lublin, Artistic Department, discipline of fine arts, specialty in graphics. Topic of the work: "Superposition and self-similarity of states of form and color".
1994 – 99, The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Department of Industrial Forms,
diploma of MA, specialization - visual communication: "Development of the system
of visual identification and communication of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow".

Works in private collections and museums in the country and abroad. 

A shroud placed on the face. Eyes looking right at me.
Severity, seriousness, non-articulated fear, shadows of anxiety, melancholy that may transform into depression.
Meaningful silence, enhanced by shut mouth.
Dispersion of light through the prism of mystery,
which needs to be leaned over, stopped, taken look at.
Colorful circles, ragged lines, a cracked shell of dry soil.
I also associate it with an earthquake and cracks appearing
on walls of an old Byzantine temple.
Body is a temple and a head is its crown.
Despite stability of picture, the faces seem to tremble.
As they were to leave one dimension in a minute and travel to another.
From presence to future. Or in a completely different direction.
Another layers placed one on another. A human, who is never the same again.
Surrounded by auras of colors.
Attraction and repulsion. Blazes of magnetizing mirages.
Senses put out of order. As in case of Rimbaud, looking for the essence of poetry.
Finding out the unknown, that what words attempt to grasp,
and what is materialized by picture.
                                                                                                                        Tomasz Jakubiak, a poet.