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Academy of Fine Arts – Wrocław, Poland  –  2000.

Solo Shows

– A tale about Nature, which never has a negative influence, i.e.
“The fear of and the cure for Emptiness”, Galeria CK Agora, Wrocław (PL)

– Dreamwalk, BWA Sanok, Warsaw (PL)
– The Cold Moon, PraGaleria, Warsaw (PL)

– Traces, Gardzienice Gallery, Lublin (PL)
– Come, let me tell you…, BWA Gallery, Sandomierz (PL)
– Borderline, Arttrakt Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

– Transparency, Czapski Art Foundation, Nowa Gazownia, Poznań (PL)
– Between, Food Art Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

– Woliery no. 10, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław (PL)

– Pictogram, “Na Solnym” Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

– Loneliness things – table, Formaty Gallery, Wrocław (PL)
– In the golden cage, Gallery under Plafond,  Wrocław (PL)
– Rustle, Kyoto Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

Group Shows

– EMP Gallery, Tokyo (JP)
– “100-tna Rocznica Nawiązania Stosunków Dyplomatycznych” Embassy of Japan – Department of Culture. Warszawa (PL)

–  Young art collections “jeden organizm, jeder Organizsmus” Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz Dalerie, Dresden (D),
–  Summer Salon, Arttrakt Gallery, Wrocław (PL)
–  EKO MATERIA, National Museum in Gdańsk Modern Art Division in Oliwa, Gdańsk (PL)
–  “8 Women” Konduktorownia Gallery, Częstochowa (PL)

–  Sensuality Workshops. Topacz Caste (PL)
–  Group Show,  Sulisławice Castle (PL)
–  Autumn Salon, Arttrakt Gallery, Wrocław (PL)
–  Colours of the Sea, Dar Pomorza, Gdynia (PL)
–  Winter Salon, Arttrakt Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

–  Group exhibirion, Czapski Art Foundation, Nowa Gazownia, Poznań (PL)

– Muza,  Kartonovnia Cultural Center, Warsaw (PL)
– Prix de Peinture de L’Ebouillanté 2014, Salon de Thé, Paryż (FR)
– Colors of the See,  Dar Pomorza, Gdynia (PL)
– Polish Female Artists, The traditional and modern paths of art, National Gallery in Erywan, (AM)
– 3rd International Art Exhibition, Nyíracsád (HU)

– Prix de Peinture de L’Ebouillanté 2013, Salon de Thé, Paryż (FR)
– Art Brownie ZOO 2013, Toronto (CA)
– ArtPrize 2013, (US)
– Gardens 2013, BWA Zamek Książ, Wałbrzych (PL)

– Po setce – 100 lecie ZPAP, “Na Solnym” Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

– Public space – Context, Galeria Profil CK Zamek, Poznań (PL)

– Rustle, Polnischen Haus – Polonicum, Berlin, (DE)
– Trap, “Na Solnym” Gallery, Wrocław (PL)

– Young art, From always on the road, Wrocław (PL)
– Young artists exhibition, Gallery 62a, Wrocław (PL)

– Painting of the Year 2005, post competition exhibition;  Art.& Business, Warsaw (PL)
– The Marian Michalik III Competition for Young Painters, City Gallery, Czestochowa (PL)
– Confrontations, BWA Gallery, Sieradz (PL)
– Group Show, Platon Gallery, Wrocław (PL)
– Underground, Marble Gallery, Katowice (PL)

1997- 2000
– Young Art, Museum of Architecture, Wrocław (PL)
– Atelier of Wanda Gołkowska, BWA Gallery, Brzeg (PL)

Agata Kosmala express herself artistically in the form of a graphic sign, unfolding as in a drama, a theatrical form. She invites her audience into the world of emotions, sensations filled with saturated colors. What is happening in her paintings always happens “BETWEEN”: Between HER and HIM, Between HER and ANOTHER, Between me and My World; “ BETWEEN” geometrically defined and unlimited form or BETWEEN free gesture breaking this form. The empty space on canvas begins to fill with her emotions as well as viewer emotions - BETWEEN us.