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Agata Kosmala - a graduate of Wroclaw Academy of Arts ( the diploma in 2000). She studied painting supervised by prof. Wanda Golkowska and prof. Piotr Błażejewski. A member of ZPAP Wroclaw.

Exhibitions :
- Distinction with honours in Painting Competition 'Colours of the sea', Gdynia, Poland
- National Gallery in Erywan - Polish Female Artists, the traditional and modern paths of art - Armenia
- 3rd International Art Exhibition in Nyiracsad - Hungary
- Group exhibition: Woliery 10 – Museum of Contemporary Art in Wroclaw, Poland
- Prix de Peinture 2013, Paryż
- Art Brownie ZOO 2013, Toronto
- ArtPrize 2013, USA
- Competition of the painting 'Gardens 2013' - BWA Zamek Książ Wałbrzych
- After 100. The 100th anniversary of ZPAP “, gallery: Galeria na Solnym, Wrocław;
- „Public Space – Context” , 2nd International Paintings Contest, gallery: Galeria Profil CK Zamek, Poznań;
- „Piktodram” - gallery: Galeria na Solnym, Wrocław;
- collective exhibitions, galleries: “Tumski” Hotel and „Galeria na Solnym” – both Wrocław; - collective exhibition of works from series „The Trace” and works from series „The Rustle”, gallery: Galerie im Polnischen Haus - Polonicum – Berlin;
- „Loneliness of things - a table”, galleries „Formaty” and „Od zawsze w drodze” both Wrocław ;
- „In a golden cage”, gallery: „Pod Plafonem” – Wrocław;
- „The Rustle” gallery: “Kyoto” Wrocław;
- collective exhibitions, galleries: Wrocławskie Centrum Prasowe (Wroclaw Press Centre) „Galeria 62a” and Wroclaw Philharmonic, both Wrocław;
- Triennale of the youth painting - Częstochowa – exhibition of finalists of contest;
- collective exhibition gallery: „Platon” Wrocław;
- collective exhibition Wroclaw Philharmonic -;
- exhibition of contest works „Galeria Marmurowa” - Katowice;
- Obraz Roku 2005 (Painting of the Year 2005)- exhibition of finalists of Art.& Business
contest – Warszawa;
- „Konfrontacje” („Confrontations”) - collective exhibition, BWA Gallery – Sieradz;
- „The Youth exhibition” gallery: Wrocławskie Centrum Prasowe (Wroclaw Press Centre) „Galeria 62a”, Wrocław;

Agata Kosmala express herself artistically in the form of a graphic sign, unfolding as in a drama, a theatrical form. She invites her audience into the world of emotions, sensations filled with saturated colors. What is happening in her paintings always happens “BETWEEN”: Between HER and HIM, Between HER and ANOTHER, Between me and My World; “ BETWEEN” geometrically defined and unlimited form or BETWEEN free gesture breaking this form. The empty space on canvas begins to fill with her emotions as well as viewer emotions - BETWEEN us.