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Roksana Kularska- Król. Born in 1982 in Kielce. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (diploma was nominated for Best Diploma Award in 2007 in Łódź). Also finished a post-grad course in Arttherapy in Polish Erickson's Institute (2008). She deals mostly in painting and photography as well as illustrating and collage. Painting diploma supervised by prof. R. Hunger (subject: 'Met in a bar'). Annex1 in photography studio of prof L. Bartoszko (subject: 'Barbie's family') Annex2 in drawing studio of prof. Z. Olejniczak (subject: 'Little Princess'). Theoretical work written under prof. R.W. Kluszczyński's supervision (subject: 'Barbie and others. Modern icons of pop culture'). Together with her husband Sebastian created an Artistic Duet robosexi. They do objects, installations, video, performance.Currently PhD student  in Fine Arts at the  Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.