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Agnieszka Kozien is engaged in painting, photography and graphic design.

1990-95 - study at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
Awards and scholarships:
2006 - Distinction in the competition 'Tibet in Polish Traveller's photography', Cracow, (Poland) 
2003 - Distinction in the competition 'IV Triennal of Selfportrait' in Radom, (Poland) 
2003 - Scholarship by the Polish Minister of Culture
2000 - Distinction in the competition 'V International Biennial of Young Artists Vox Humana' in Czech Republic. 
1999 - Scholarship by the Polish Minister of Culture
1997 - Scholarship for young artists from the Municipality of Cracow, (Poland)
1996 - Distinction in the competition 'Habitat and Human Development' in Warsaw, (Poland)

Solo exhibitions:

2013 - On the water - painting - Mostowa ArtCafe, Cracow, (Poland)
2012 - On the water - painting - Katarzyna Napiórkowska Art Gallery, Warsaw, (Poland)
2008 - In direction of Sun - painting, Centrum Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
2006 - The Town 2000-2005 - painting, The Polish Open University, Cracow, (Poland)
2004 - Painting - Bresan Gallery, Omis, Split, (Croatia)
2004 - Rajasthan - painting, The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsow, (Poland)
2004 - The Town, The Labyrinth Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
2004 - Midnight to Noon, The Blyth Gallery, Manchester, (Great Britan)
2002 - Hell and Heaven are in us - painting, Piarist's Crypt Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
2002 - Young artists from Cracow - painting, Artemis Gallery & Nothburga Gallery, Innsbruck, (Austria)
2002 - Rajasthan - painting, Centrum Gallery, Cracow; Poznan's New Gallery, Poznan, (Poland)
2000 - Genesis - painting, Artemis Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
1999 - Women of Thailand - photography, The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsow; Kanonicza 1 Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
1998 - Pictures from life - painting, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
1998 - Exhibition of painting, General Austrian Consulate, Cracow, (Poland)
1997 - Metamorphosis of rock - painting, City Gallery, Tarnow, (Poland)
1997 - Under the sky of South - painting, Labyrinth Gallery, Cracow; Inny Œwiat Gallery, Łańcut; Przy Kominku Gallery, Chorzów, (Poland)
1995 - Open doors - painting, ZAR Gallery, Cracow, (Poland)
1995 - Journey to the East - photography, Grotta Nobile Gallery, Cracow, (Poland) 

Painting - oil on canvas