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Eva Cyganska graduated from Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, receiving a diploma with distinction in the Studio of Serigraphy prof. M. Pawłowski (2007). In the years 2005-2011 she was leading the gallery Naród Sobie located in the Polish Theater in Poznan. She works with graphic design, set design and heraldry. She designed a total of over one hundred coats of arms and insignia for cities and municipalities in Poland. She has lived in Denmark since 2013. She is a member of the Fyns Grafiske Værksted association and Art Workshop Hollufgårs.

In my art, as the most important, I would indicate: austerity, recurrence and a space of absence. I belong to a post-conceptual generation that relies on economy of expression and self-criticism. I think that artists should to create things that are perfectly useless but full of meaning.
We live in a very shaky reality, where transience is the greatest virtue. The consumer market demands rapid exchange of goods, so we produce excessively in every aspect of human life. I am against overproduction of art, because every act of creativity begins with the act of destruction (materials, ecology, money, time and someone's attention). I attach importance to creating only what I absolutely must and want to say.
The main inspiration for me is geometry, which I cross out of my everyday life.
I do not think that it is necessary to explain all these issues around my artwork. Art seems to be complete only when it leaves room for mystery.