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Girl with a dragon tattoo, trained as a designer, traveler by passion, representing a variety of fields of art. She is passionate about the culture of the Far East, the modern art and motorization.  Her day has 48 hours, except these days, which have 72 hours. She had several group and individual exhibitions in Poland, she sells her works in Poland and abroad. She designs everywhere where her bag pack is, and everywhere she comes, she cooks. Now her dream is make tour aroud the world on motorcycle.

 I had several exhibitions across the country groups as well as  individual, Since 10 years  I’ve been selling my works in Poland and abroad.  In art I use all available techniques; painting , sculpture, creating collages, street art or performance. Sometimes I  work as interior designer with success  but my really passion is creation and writing.  I designs everywhere where my bag pack is, and preferably in refugee camps and everywhere I comes, I cook, because food brings people together, even vegetarian with Mongols. I explore savage areas of Himalayas with pleasure and get lost in crowded Japanese metropolis. I'm addicted to alternative cinema, biographical books and observing life around me. I draws inspirations from the permanently changing scenery.  I keep memories in black & white photos which I make  where ever I am. I like simplicity and development. 

As a interior designer I create many apartments in and around Warsaw, my projects was published in the biggest polish interior design magazines like ELLE DECORATION or WERANDA. There are no challenges that I would not undertake, doesn't matter if the space is 25m2 or 550m2. As a product designer I love to work with social problem, like ecology (idea od edible dishes zestawZESTAW), religious tolerance (social campaign GOD DOES NOT EXIST) or significance of war (mould for baking bread TC / 6). As a traveler, I try to learn as much as possible from the people to whom I arrive, I am convinced that third world countries have much to offer us. As a female traveler, it is important for me to show that sex is no restriction on the exercise of passion.

As of principle I move horizon and prove that the impossible is possible, whether in terms of budget or technology of the project. I try to live for 100%, lean every day something new and enjoy every moment.