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I Was born in 1978 in Lodz, Poland.

My adventure with photography and visual arts began when I was a teenager. It’s hard time almost for everyone, and I was no exeption in that respect, either. Photography helped me to look at the world around us, it proved to be the easiest way to show and express my emotions. Finally, it gave me an  opportunity to remember some unique moments and escape from my reality. Since I can remember I have always been an outsider, who found his place in a digital, surreal world: sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes unreal... Anyway I consider it  a better place to be.

Searching for my way of life was painful: I had to face many personal issues connected with decisions and expectations of my surroundings, society, family etc. Having studied a degree, which I found  rather boring, and than having worked in corporation for  12 years, I said stop. Time to change. Time to take a test and live how I want to, not how others imagined. I hope it'll prove to be  the right choice to make. Time will tell.

Since the early beginning, I have been thinking of another way to show what is hiding in my imagination. Pure photography was simply not enough. I can honestly say, that reality was boring and quite depressing. Quickly I fell in love with digital art . It was my escape from ordinary world; in a way I can call it a therapy. It took me a long time to learn how to use digital tools. There were moments I wanted to quit, devoid of motivation and discouraged, without faith I could do any better, and without  any certainty that my imagination still worked... But after a few brakes I had to take,  I always came back with new high hopes. Now I know, that this educational process may never end and it  has been a fantastic journey. Not easy, but full of hope. I discovered that  this trip through my dreams may last forever. The most important thing is to remember to take as much joy from your work as possible. Maybe that point of view saved me a few times. When it was hard, difficult, I always knew that I'm doing this mostly for fun, for myself, for my personal satisfaction. It's my passion and I'm going to cherish it, no matter what happens, or what people say. 

All we have is our memories and dreams. It's important, to make them special and unique. What is real? What is fake? I don't know. Hope you will find your answer... enjoy your trip into my dimension.
​The ocean and wildlife  have been essential for me since my childhood. I can't imagine life without huge waves and all that enormous power which ocean brings us. That's why in the majority of my pictures you can find a strong connection with the ocean and nature  in some way. Animal's life became one of my favourite topics. If you want to kill me, just take away from me the possibility to travel. It's not only about searching for new inspirations. Without my freedom I would probably die in a second. I need wind and open space  to breathe. I must  explore new places, coultures; I have to be above the clouds. Exploring the world is the reason why I'm here. I haven't found my place yet