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I was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland where I currently live and work. I am a philosopher by education but my biggest passion is photography. It brings me great joy to create and share my work. My accomplishments include honorable mention in the ND Awards Photo Contest, publication of photos in a series of stories, book cover design or publication in the 'Eye Photo Magazine'.
My love for photography started very early. I remember form my childhood how I loved to watch stories written on small pieces of shimmering paper. When I was growing up, the camera was an inseparable friend, but duties of a young mother, education and new challenges of adult life have lulled the nascent passion for a few years. Fortunately it has been ten years since photography became my daily occupation. Photographing interesting people, places and situations arranged by me is a way to 'decipher the world'. The camera enhances the experience and allows to touch the moment that is by definition fleeting. Photography is an act of voluntary unveiling of the photographers’ nature, so in a way I appear in front of the observer without a mask, fully free and happy I invite you to the world seen through my eyes.