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He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For multimedia diploma made ​​under the direction of. Prof. Andrew Dłużniewski received honorable mention and was a scholar of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. He is a painter, graphic art, experimenting with pictures and strange sounds. The works in the collections of private collectors in Germany, USA and Japan. 
It is also a DJ (Hiro Szyma) and musician band DAS MOON
Painting, graphics, photography and music composed by Grzegorz sewn on a subjective description of the events surrounding reality. Work in most of the above are kept lively colors, which emphasizes flashy nature of the times in which we live. Szyma a fan of the urban fabric, the jitters and diversity. The topics, as well as the daily television news, trivia mingle with the facts momentous importance, drama with joy ... an inexhaustible inspiration is life in its various guises