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Małgorzata Bańkowska has always been painting since she first remembers. Her art is dominated by erotica, fetishism intertwined with military motives, biomechanics and medicinal failures. Her works mostly portray women. Woman-machine, even a woman lacking arms and legs is very useful and creative. A psychedelic and slightly lost atmosphere full of dolls.

She paints about topics that, in some way, touch her, scare her or just amaze and intrigue her. She likes the state of mind, when there's a sketch coming up in your head... then the first lines and notes are taken. This first idea oftenly differs from the final work, but it's the journey that's the most interesting. As she herself claims - the sole creation is a load of tough intellectual work. Her art breeds controversy, especially the graphics, but they are real, even in their surreal masks...

She don't like talking about herself and her paintings, the secret is the key, the conversation with the viewer, after all, the author creates a dialogue through art. This "thing" cannot be simply described or named. If you could just simply use words, art wouldn't be necessary. Everyone has to reffer to what they see, by themselves. It's a way of trying to capture the uncapturable.

She spends her everyday life designing and painting clothes. It's her husband's idea - hand painted, unique designs. It allows her to grow even more, search and extend her workshop.

She had the fortune in her life to meet an amazing man, a devoted husband, that inspires her and sometimes straightens her out. That is especially important, minding her dreamer lifestyle. She used to not be able to sell her works, value her art. It's way easier now. After all, people don't live and create just for themselves.. at least she doesn't.

Her works can be found in many private collections in Asia, Scandinavia, Poland and Germany. The largest private collection are located in China.

Individual exhibitions:
1.    "Obiektów" Dom Kultury O.K w Brwinowie
2.    "Implant" Dom Kultury Świt w Warszawie, 2013
3.    VITAL FORUM, Hotel Westin, Warszawa, 2014
4.    Zaklęte Rewiry, Wrocław, 2015
5.    Soho Factory, Warszawa, 2015
6.    „Części zamienne”, Instytut Pozytywnej Seksualności, Warszawa, 2016

Collective exhibitions:
1.    "Anioły", Willa Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Brwinowa
2.    Zbiorowa Wystawa Malarstwa, Dom Kultury CKiO Podkowa Leśna
3.    Wystawa zbiorowa podczas Erotrends, Warszawa, 2014
4.    "Body Work", Austriackie Forum Kultury, Warszawa, 2014