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Zbyszko Oleś - Wollenberg

Born in 1960.

He deals with traditional and design graphics, painting, artistic and advertising photography, sculpture, interior design and furniture.
He currently lives and works in Krakow.
Works in private collections in the country and abroad.

Individual exhibitions:
2002 - 'Foto czy grafie?' - Galeria Alchemia, Kraków
2003 - 'Rymoryty I' - Alchemia Gallery, Cracow, Moliere Gallery, Cracow
2003 - 'Rymoryty II' - Moliere Gallery, Cracow
2005 - 'Graphics' - ZPAP Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2007 - 'Mój Paryż' - Les Couleurs / Kolory, Kraków
2009 - 'Graphics and photography' - Artidotuum Gallery, Krakow
2011 - '8 a.m.' - Photo Gallery, Krakow
2014 - 'New Graphics' - Stage 21 Gallery of the New Theater, Krakow
2016 - 'Graphic' - Lovely Dog Club, Krakow

Group exhibitions:
2007 - 'We Open' - Cellar Gallery, Krakow
2007 - 'Group exhibition' - Cellar Gallery, Krakow
2007 - 'Fotografia' - Cellar Gallery, Cracow
2008 - 'Group exhibition' - Cellar Gallery, Krakow
2008 - 'Group exhibition' - Arsenal of the Czartoryski Museum, Krakow
2010 - 'City zone' - Cellar Gallery, Krakow
2011 - 'Romantically' - Photo Gallery, Krakow

In his graphic works Oleś gets even deeper - they seem to be the obsevations of the reality madę through the unique slide of an electronic microscope invented by the author himself.The real is transformed into a colourful molecular world, constantly active, exuberent and pied - caught in the frame and within the boarders of our perception only for a fraction of a second. These works are a sequence of road signs which help us to move within a mysterious world of the very perception of the reality, which only now turns out to be ideał: disciplined, pure, harmonious, providing pure pleasure when being observed. It is the reality one would never want to leave. For Oleś every fragment of the reality is a sign - fortunately it is a sign that everyone can interpret in their own way. Each of his signs refers to reality - and the reality refers to the addressee, who has to develop his or her own attitude towards it: by means of the brain, intuition and emotions. According to one's needs.

Zbyszko Oleś does not respect traffic rules in art - because he knows that they do not concern him.Thus everyone can enter his world - hermetic yet friendly. In this world we are not restrained by any rules, and no driving licence is required. We invite you to take this journey - along the Oleś route, with no idle runs. Only such roads are interesting and inspiring.