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Born in Warsaw (1964).  I have been taking pictures since I was 15 years old. Photography is my passion. I take photos in ambient light. I am the author of unposed portraits, jazz photography, architecture (street photography), abstraction and landscape photography. Currently, I photograph digitally; minimal interference in the image with the exception of selected abstractions. 
I am also the author of many individual photography exhibitions. Individual photos of me have appeared in photography and music magazines. I have also collaborated with organisers of concerts and music events such as Jazz Jamboree, Era of Jazz, New Music Art, Fabryka Trzciny; Helicon Jazz Café club in Warsaw. In 2015 I joined the Warsaw-based Foto Jazz Group (group exhibitions). Academically - connected with the University of Warsaw. I cooperated with the editorial board of the university's cultural magazine 'Uniwersytet Kulturalny' (the University of Warsaw). Referring to music and art, I wrote texts ('Zadurzeni w Jazzie', 'Wielkie kino bez kina', 'Słodkie życie Felliniady', 2002) published by the Polish Cultural Institute in Warsaw.

I started taking photos at the age of 15, observing the landscape and my friends on school trips (analogue photography, black and white). Over time, the subject matter expanded and turned into a passion.
The themes of my photography are: street photography, jazz photography - unposed portraits of musicians and singers, portraits, abstractions and sometimes - landscape.

The photographs are taken in analogue, digital and mixed techniques: black and white, colour, sepia; without flash in existing light conditions.

I am the author of many solo exhibitions and three series.

'Point of View' is the last exhibition of photography I presented, depicting people, situations and places. Some of them delight, others amaze and make you think. Portraits of women, landscapes and photographs of streets. This is a new, hitherto unknown, photographic view of the author. The exhibition was exhibited at the University Gallery in Warsaw, in January 2020. Earlier (in 2019), I presented a series of jazz photographs entitled. 'Only in the darkness', stage portraits of musicians and abstractions. Two such series were exhibited nationally: 'Musical Impressions' and 'Only in the Darkness'. - jazz portraits of musicians taken during concerts in the dim light of the stage.

 Musical Impressions:

2004 Passe Partout Gallery, Warsaw June 2004.

2004 Warsaw, Helicon Jazz Café /opening 23.09.2004/; September - December 2004.

2004 Warsaw, Traffic Club, January - February 2004

2005 Warsaw, Gallery of the University of Warsaw Museum in the Kazimierzowski Palace, 04.05.2005.

2005 Krosno, Galicja Blues Festival, Krosno House of Culture, 27-28.05.2005

2005 Ożarów Mazowiecki, Cafe Apteka Club, June 2005.

2005 Warsaw, Tarabuk, July - October 2005

2005 Kalisz, Hall Gallery, 32nd International Jazz Pianists Festival, Centre of Culture and Art, 25-27.11.2005.

2005 Warsaw, Mazovian Centre for Culture and the Arts, 6-9.10.2015.

2006 Cracow, Piwnica przy Dominikańskiej, March-April 2005.

2006 Ostrów Wielkopolski, PIK Gallery, 5th Jimiway Blues Festival, Ostrów Cultural Centre, 3-4 November 2006.

2006 Płońsk, P Gallery, Municipal Cultural Centre, January-February 2006.

2006 Legionowo, JVC Jazz Festival,Miejski Ośrodek Kultury, 28.10.2006.

2006 Warsaw, Klub pod Baryłką, 2006/2007.

2008 Lubostroń Palace, 7th Festival 'Music in the Moonlight', vernissage: 24.07.2008/; July - August 2008.

2017 Warsaw, Polyester Cafe, 21.11.-12.12.2017

2017 Warsaw, Residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America

2019 Warsaw, University of Warsaw Library, 'Only in the Darkness'

2020 Warsaw, University of Warsaw Library, 'Point of View'.

Individual exhibitions included up to about 40 works (limited), signed, most in size 50x70 cm (or smaller), 5 mm foam, aluminium frame - black, printed on photographic paper (UV protected); without foam - printed on professional photographic paper.

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