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Marcin Sacha was born in 1970. He lives in Tarnów, the southern part of Poland. He is the holder of the title Artiste FIAP (the International Federation of Photographic Art) and winner of numerous prizes. He took part in over 40 individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
He began with nature photography and later, landscapes. When he improved his skills, he dared to create more personal works, pictures on the boundary of photography and graphics.

Concepts of photomontages are formed above sheet of paper. It begins from almost finished vision of a picture, then he fills a sheet with lines, which then become the edges of the blocks and the borders of light and shadow. Then he collects photographic material. He photographs the models made of paper, clay or bricks, he also uses the fragments of someone else constructions - he takes photo of parts of plaster, rusty metal sheet, structural elements of buildings. At the end, he composes several dozens of them into a picture on the computer, and introduces a little reality into the world of solids.
People in these worlds are lonely. Some are trapped helplessly with their dreams and memories between inhospitable walls, while others are searching, not fully aware of where their life will take them. Every picture tells its own story, which we can read for ourselves while looking for clues in our imagination and experience.
In his images you can find some inspirations from paintings of Chirico, Sironi, Beksiński, and also Bergman's films.