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Natalia Rex is a Polish artist who has been involved in digital photography and self-portrait for over ten years. She draws inspiration from her love for Polish folk art, mythology, iconography and surrealism. She uses her self-portraits to show moments and feelings in life and aspects of her identity, using surrealistic and dark environments.  Her main method of planning and creation includes sketching, digital photomontages and decoupage.  Since 2015 her work has been published in many foreign websites and publications as well as during festivals and cultural events. 
Natalia Rex looks for inspiration from various myths and enjoys showing elements of fantasy and surrealism to surprise her viewers. She wants her work to have elements of Slavic culture and nature that reflects what is most important to her, as well as surrealistic elements and sometimes horror to express emotions from her life. Her work has elements of nostalgia and loneliness.