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My name is Kamila Dorota Złotnicka. Currently, I create under the pseudonyms K DoroZłotnicka vel. K. Doro. I am a graduate of the College of Fine Arts "Collage" in Warsaw, where I obtained a diploma in art with a specialization in visual advertising. From 2009. I presented my works at individual and collective exhibitions and took part in charity auctions. I am a member of the Polish Artists 'Union and the Warsaw Artists' Association. My paintings are in the Polish Army Museum (open air on Skarpa) and in private collections.

Individual exhibitions:
2020  - PASTa building, Warsaw
2019  - Place of Local Activity, Warsaw
2018 - Ratusz Art Gallery, Legionowo
2016  - Ara Art Cafe, Warsaw
           - The seat of the company "", Warsaw
2013  - "Szafir" residents 'club, Warsaw

Collective exhibitions:
2017  - Creativity Center, Warsaw 
2016  - DPS, Warsaw
2015 - Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw
           - Senator Building, Warsaw
           - DPS, Warsaw
2014  - ZADRAGallery, Warsaw
           - Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, Warsaw
           - Museum of the Polish Army - "Open air on Skarpa”, Warsaw
2010 - ZADRA Gallery, Warsaw
2009  - ZADRA Gallery, Warsaw

Until 2021 in my creative work I most willingly used the technique of dry pastel, painting subtle landscapes. Currently, as a result of artistic search, I have found myself in black and white graphics. I draw themes from the surrounding nature, as well as from the unlimited spaces of my own imagination. I am a dreamer and a creative creator. In addition to painting, I deal with creating intuitive music, writing texts in automatic writing and working with energies.