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2011-2013 University of Silesia, Master degree in graphic design, Department of Arts 
2008-2011 University of Silesia, Bachelor degree in graphic design, Department of Arts 


2014 'Exlibris', Kulturverein Burgstadt e.V. Galerie ART FORUM, Germany. 
2014 '10+1 exlibris exhibition - Krzysztof Marek Bąk and students of digital graphics studio of Art Institute of Silesian University
2013 Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum & Exlibrissamling, Denmark.
2013 'Ex Libris - Ex Erotica', Ruse, Bulgaria
2013 'Fuxianzhai Exlibris', Shanghai
2013 'Kościuszko', National Museum in Wroclaw
2013 'Wine and Grapes', Cultural Centre Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.
2013 Deutsche Exlibris Gessellschft, Wurzbach, Germany.
2013 'Nature in exlibris” Exlibris Gallery in Lodz.
2013  Exlibris exhibition in Księżnica Beskidzka, Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

Aleksandra Hachuła graduated from the University of Silesia, faculty of fine arts in Cieszyn. She does creative works on 'Sense and sensibility', because she likes it, and sometimes when she is bored. In her free time she likes reading, covering her eyes and smiling at the sky. She likes: tenement houses, books, pieces, photographies, fairtytale illustrations, friends and walking in sneakers and stretched sweater in the spring. Holding her head high as Emily of Montgomery's book. Sometimes her nose touches the clouds and she has her feet 20 centimeters over the pavement. She believes that everything is possible.