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Resatio cuts encyclopedias and put them back together.

Resatio is an artist and illustrator focused with collage technique. His processes include mark making, collage and photography combined with manual and digital processes. He works with found and created elements, figurative, abstract and typographic, bringing us dreamy and nostalgic feel.
He is based in Bandung, Indonesia.
He also travels, takes photos and does graphic design occasionally.

The Other I
Galeri Padi, Badung, Indonesia 2011 

Kopi Keliling Vol. 5
Jakarta, Indonesia 2011 

Inkubator Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia 2012 

Art Act Kopi Keliling
Jakarta, Indonesia 2012 

Kopi Keliling Vol. 6 
Jakarta, Indonesia 2012

Kopi Keliling Vol. 7 
Kedai Kebun Forum, Jogja, Indonesia 2013

Indonesian Art Festival: 17 Detik
Esplanade, Singapore 2013 

Art Act II Kopi Keliling
Jakarta, Indonesia 2013

Aqua: Temukan Indonesiamu
SCBD, Jakarta, 2013

Structured Chaos: A Solo Collage Art Show by Resatio,
Viavia, Jogja, Indonesia 2014

Rupanda: Mendengar Dengan Nada, Melihat Dengan Hati,
Gedung Jogja Gallery, Jogja, Indonesia 2014

15x15x15 Mini Art Exhibition
Galeri Sumarja, Bandung, Indonesia 2014

Bandung New Emergence Vol. 5
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia 2014
Collage is an attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct. How to add and hide the existence and how to rewrite history. Collage is not only about cutting and pasting, but the process began at the time of collecting, searching, and finding the materials. The tools are not only scissors and glue now, but also your mouse, keyboard and computer screen. Paper turned to high resolution JPG file. However collage was made, collage is a collage.

We live in the image boom era. Blame the printing press, media, computers, smart phones, and the internet connection. Information travels faster in the modern age. Brains are filled with these images: the essential and the junk. Collage artists are like foxes, collecting junk and compose something out of it. They 'stole' those pictures and compose an illustration work (or works of art?).