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Born in Warsaw (1952) she began her creative work under the tutelage (1960-1971) of painter and pedagogue, Professor Zygmunt Madejski.  Between 1971 and 1974 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under the guidance of Professors Jan Przybylski and Stefan Gierowski. Her first professional debut took place forty years ago in 1973, in Lund, Sweden.
Although primary she is a painter her artistic endeavors also include drawings, book illustrations, art poster design, and graphic signs. She works also with photography, sculpts, and has under her belt some theatrical set design work.
Margalit already had more than thirty sizable individual painting exhibitions, and participated in many significant joint showings with other artists in Poland, as well as abroad. Her paintings are featured in private and public collections and galleries worldwide.
Małgorzata Krasucka is a member of PositiveArt, a creative group consisting of artists, members of OW ZPAP - Association of Polish Artists (Warsaw branch) and of three people creative group “Kindred Spirits”.


Margalit developed her own painting techniques on canvas and paper. Her work follows a convention of figurative abstract with surrealistic treatment of the subject. In her paintings the subject is only a pretext for colour driven solutions. Most often treated themes are the human being and his emotions, nude, lyrical erotica and Judaism. In the latter she shies away from literality taking the viewer into a realm of theatrical fairytale.